Nissan Almera Review

List of Pros

  • Nice stylish exterior design.
  • Powerful engine. 
  • Fully-featured third backseat.

List of Cons

  • A bit outdated interior. 
  • Limited safety features.
  • Backseats cannot be folded to increase trunk volume.

Nissan Almera Overview

Nissan Almera

Nissan Almera Classic is one of the most popular budget sedan models for a mass consumer. Belonging to the Japanese brand, it is produced in Korea, initially under a different name – Samsung SM3. The production was launched at the young car company Samsung Motors in order to cut costs and make this model available in the third-world countries. The car got its commercial name in 2006 after a slight restyling. 


The Classic looks more modern and representative compared to previous Almera models. The car has large headlights, a chrome-plated radiator grille, and rather aggressive air intakes at the bottom of a solid bumper – more like Volkswagen Beetle than an Almera. Huge direction lights stretching along the corners of the bumpers and fog lights are more usual for SUVs than passenger cars. The attempts to imitate cars a class higher also resulted in the increased dimensions: Classic is 75 mm longer and 15 mm wider than its predecessor.


Exterior of the Nissan Almera

If you consider buying Nissan Almera Classic, the interior design shouldn’t be among the top requirements for a car. Otherwise, all the advantages you notice will be thrown into the shade by an image of a center console that looks like a piece of gray plastic. A central armrest with a built-in box and a pair of cup holders, ceiling lights, and rear power windows are available only in an expensive SE version.

The plastic and trim materials, however, are of good quality, durable, and long-lasting. The economy hasn’t affected ergonomics. The shape of cushions and backs of the driver’s seat are optimal. A steering wheel is adjustable by the angle of inclination. There are only a couple details that show the budget character of Almera Classic – the sound of the motor working insistently sneaks is heard in a cabin at high speeds, absence of handles above rear doorways, sharp edges of a trunk lid, and non-convertible rear seats.

Technology & performance

Nissan Almera Classic is equipped with a 1.6-liter, 107 hp engine with a fair dynamics for a city car – it picks up 100 kmph in 12 seconds. There are two gearbox options – a 5-speed manual gearbox and a 4-speed automatic transmission. Fuel consumption is around 9.5 liters per 100 km. Speaking about the suspension, an independent McPherson is used in front, and semi-independent with a torsion beam at the rear. It has a fair power capacity and confidently copes with the bumps of our roads.

Factory defects in some models can result in high oil consumption. If you are buying a used car, most likely this issue has been liquidated already. If you manage to get a new one, you can get a replacement free of charge at official car dealers.


Almera Classic has got a bit increased wheelbase that resulted in a more spacious interior. A person who is 180 cm tall can be certain to get enough legroom. The backseat can accommodate three passengers. 

Climate Control System

It seems that engineers decided to save a bit on air conditioner design. Touch buttons regulating airflow distribution are indistinguishable to touch, and the slide mechanism looks a bit outdated. Nevertheless, the climate control system works smoothly so passengers can enjoy pleasant coolness inside whenever they feel like it.

Infotainment System

An infotainment system is going to take you a little back in time when the Korean engineers knew how to pack a vehicle with hi-tech solutions but didn’t know how to make it all look nice. The car radio is intended solely for receiving a radio signal and playing CDs but not to delight your gaze.

Storage and Space

There are many pockets and shelves for little things. The trunk volume is 460 liters – 35 liters increase compared to the previous Almera. However, you should be careful with the luggage: loops can crumple it while closing. A trunk lid is opened only from the inside with the help of a floor lever.

Back of the Nissan Almera


You don’t get the best interior, but you can be certain that all passengers will feel well during drives. Drivers enjoy steerability, and passengers can be sure a journey won’t be too noisy or tiresome due to poor passenger compartment planning. 

Seat comfort

Even tall people can now travel comfortably on the backseat thanks to the narrow backs of the front seats with special recesses and a slightly more vertically located back of the backseat. Such changes do not interfere with boarding convenience. But don’t let the third headrest in the back deceive you: traveling to long distances is still more comfortable for two passengers. 

Ride comfort

You’ll enjoy riding Nissan Almera Classic. The car is light and easy to handle. You don’t have to make any extra movement while changing a row. The brakes are reliable, and it’s easy to control the power you press with. The maximum acceleration speed is 184 kmph, and even at this speed the car is stable: the steering wheel doesn’t twist out, the suspension doesn’t let the car swerve, and the braking is smooth even when you stop abruptly.


Nissan tried to reduce the vehicle cost as much as possible without losing much quality and comfort – they removed everything an average Nigerian buyer is ready to give up – elastic velvet plastic, folding rear seats, nice-looking car radio, etc. No wonder some owners keep complaining about the quality of the finishing materials. With time, inexpensive plastic begins to annoy with creaks, and slightly open windows rattle unpleasantly. Noise isolation is average, especially in the area of ​​the rear wheel arches. Left front pillar overlaps the view a bit. Nevertheless, everything is very tight and precisely fitted. 

Safety & Reliability

Classic has got a pair of airbags. Side airbags aren’t available in any version. The ABS is optional, as well as an emergency brake booster. The rest of the details in Classic meets all modern requirements: door amplifiers, power body safety cage, safety power windows, child locks, etc.

Should I Buy the Nissan Almera?

Almera Classic is a good budget car. Since it is built on old Nissan models, the manufacturers were able to eliminate all weaknesses in the previously used components and assemblies. Thanks to this, we’ve got a reliable model, which, however, can be a bit expensive to fix in case of breaks. Almera Classic is perfect for those who prefer quiet rides.

How Much Does the Nissan Almera Cost?

Nissan Almera Classic isn’t the most common model in Nigeria. If you get one, you may become the owner of an exclusive model. But Classic isn’t the only option worth considering. You can find decent Almera models as cheap as N250,000 or take a look at the 2016 version for N3,500,000 or even lower.