Nissan Murano Review

List of Pros

  • Eye-catching exterior and classy interior design.
  • Perfect steerability and a quiet cabin.
  • Nissan Zero Gravity seats.

List of Cons

  • Poor selection of engines. 
  • Height adjustment isn’t available for passenger seats.
  • Controls are made of easily soiled plastic.

Nissan Murano Overview

There are three generations of the Japanese crossover Nissan Murano – Z50, Z51, and Z52. In this post, we’ll tell more about the latest generation. Compared to the predecessors, it is different externally and internally, enabled with refined security systems and technical specifications.

Nissan Murano


Externally, Nissan Murano 2018 is completely new, with many modern lines and details. Nissan Murano Z52 is available in black, white pearl, silver, navy blue, dark grey, taupe, and orange – basically, the same color options with a rather modern tint. 

The radiator grille consists of a thick V-shaped chrome insert and smaller black inserts. There is a logo with a built-in camera in the center. The optics are unusual in all trim levels – fully Bi-LED and with an automatic adjustment. 

The door handles, moldings at the bottom of the doors, and edging around the windows are chrome-plated. Tightly tinted side and rear windows create an impression of a solid glass trim.


When you see a car with such a bright appearance, you expect just as unusual interior. The crossover is not bad – just it and nothing revolutionary at all. Decor details remind of a classic style of the early 90s. A center console is decorated with polished aluminum inserts, which is actually a well-painted plastic of good quality. The central tunnel features a new gear lever, a Start/Stop button, a 12V socket, and two seat heating/cooling controls. There is also an armrest with a very capacious compartment.

Interior of the Nissan Murano

Technology & performance

You can choose between two engine units – a petrol V6 and a hybrid L4. Both come with a continuously variable X-Tronic CVT variator and independent suspension. The crossover can be either front-wheel or all-wheel drive. The brake system has been improved with front ventilated disc brakes. 

As for the hybrid version, Nissan Murano Z52 has got a 15 kW electric engine powered by lithium-ion batteries in addition to the gasoline one. This installation is capable of driving 692 km in a full tank and charged batteries in city conditions and 1029 km on a highway.


Front seats have good lateral support and high head restraints. Top versions come with default heating/cooling and electronic adjustments – 8 modes for a driver’s seat and 4 modes for a passenger seat. The second row is designed to accommodate three passengers. Rear seat adjustment is mechanical only; you can control the distance to the front row and backrest angle. All trims come with black or beige leather. Fabric or other materials aren’t offered.

Climate Control System

A climate control unit is located in an easily accessible area. The screen pleases with clear graphics. Two controls allow a driver and a passenger to conveniently adjust the temperature in their areas. 

Infotainment System

Murano designers were inspired by Android Auto and Apple CarPlay systems. The center console is decorated with two small ducts at the very top. An 8-inch touchscreen is situated a bit lower, surrounded by buttons and audio control selectors on the sides. There is a slot for a navigation system SD card. 

Storage and Space

Nissan Murano doesn’t have the largest trunk in the class – it’s only 454 liters. The second-row seats can be folded directly from the trunk to form an almost flat area, spacious enough to fit even a small refrigerator. You can open a trunk lid from the inside or by using a remote control or sensors under the rear bumper. Loading things is convenient, and the chance to hook a lid with your head is minimal.


Nissan took into account the shortcomings and reviews by previous generation owners to add comfort to the crossover interior.

Interior of Nissan Murano

Seat comfort

Nissan Zero Gravity seats are the most innovative highlight this model has got. The Japanese engineers were inspired by NASA’s ideas. In zero gravity, the body takes a neutral posture – a natural position in which all the bones and joints experience the least pressure. Nissan engineers used this information to improve driver’s and passenger’s comfort on long journeys.

To compensate for muscle fatigue, a person begins to stoop, It increases a spine bending, puts pressure on the lower back, and leads to even more fatigue. A unique shape and patented design of Zero Gravity, created taking into account 14 different pressure points, allows a driver to remain in a neutral position and provides constant support from the hips to the shoulders. This natural ergonomic design helps to maximize blood flow and maintain energy levels. Before launching, the concept was extensively tested using a driving simulator and biomechanical analysis. The test group included men and women of different stature and physique.

Ride comfort

Designers paid much attention to how drivers feel, too. And they must feel pretty well with a customizable backlight color of a display, controls that are easy to reach, and interior lighting. The steering wheel with leather upholstery and functional control buttons feels like a superpower. 


The steering wheel is upholstered in rough leather with two silver accents and looks quite simple. The finishing materials are of high quality. The dashboard and all the instruments are laconic and convenient. A display is large and with crisp colors. 

Speaking about shortcomings, the location and logic of some controls (music volume among the others) is not clear. Auxiliary keys are made of easily soiled plastic. Steering wheel heater works too intensively – it starts to burn your fingers in five minutes.

Safety & Reliability

In terms of safety, the difference between the maximum and basic configurations is minimal. The safety of Nissan Murano Z52 is ensured by numerous systems, including: 

  • front airbags;
  • side airbags and curtain airbags;
  • knee airbag for a driver;
  • safety belts;
  • ABS and EBD;
  • brake assist;
  • headlight and rain sensors;
  • Hill Start Assistant;
  • tire pressure monitoring;
  • Around View Monitor;
  • navigation;
  • child lock;
  • ERA-GLONASS system;
  • parktronic;
  • engine Start/Stop system;
  • Electronic Stability Control;
  • full-size spare tire.

Should I Buy the Nissan Murano?

Outside, Nissan Murano Z52 is an aggressive and stylish crossover. Inside, it is an elegant and very comfortable car. It is not a family car, rather a vehicle for those who like to travel with a company. Many details have become much more convenient, their layout and functionality are more modern now. Wireless connection, an audio system with 6 speakers, gadget synchronization, and Internet access add to the comfort. This is a nice crossover for modern drivers, you should give it a try.

How Much Does the Nissan Murano Cost?

Nissan Murano Z52 isn’t the cheapest car you can find. If you like what you’ve just read, get ready to pay N8,000,000 – N10,000,000. You can also check out earlier cars. Z50, for instance, is available for only N500,000.