Nissan Pathfinder Review

List of Pros

  • High-quality equipment. 
  • Spacious and adjustable interior. 
  • Soft suspension and fair fuel consumption.

List of Cons

  • The third row of seats is not comfortable for long trips. 
  • Cheap headlights without LED lamps. 
  • Acceleration takes time.

Nissan Pathfinder Overview

The first generation of Nissan Pathfinder debuted in 1985. The three-door SUV received a very attractive design at that time, a well-tailored interior and solid power plants. Reliable, roomy, passable, suitable for any roads, it found a lot of fans and was improved during the next generations with the latest one introduced in 2014.

Nissan Pathfinder rides on the road


The exterior hasn’t changed significantly since the previous generation (or throughout history, actually). Smooth contours prevail in Pathfinder’s appearance. Huge head optics is successfully combined with a gigantic radiator grille with an abundance of chromium. A bumper is not aggressive judging by modern standards; it looks nice with central and side cutouts that aren’t hypertrophied.

The profile has a well-designed window sill line, chrome trim on the doors, and muscular stamps on the sides. It is almost impossible to find similarities with the previous generation if you look at a car from this angle. The fifth door has almost semicircular glazing. A three-color bumper pleases with the presence of chrome moldings, and the lights are in harmony with all of the above.


Interior of the Nissan Pathfinder

A front panel looks quite expensive and monumental, particularly, thanks to a huge center console. There are some amenities you’ll really like, including a couple of displays built into the head restraints of the front seats.

Technology & performance

Nissan Pathfinder is built on an extended platform D with McPherson struts installed at the front and a multi-link suspension at the rear. An all-wheel-drive system is implemented through a multi-plate clutch. Ground clearance has increased to 18.1 cm.

2014 Pathfinder is equipped with an atmospheric 3.5-liter six-cylinder engine with 249 hp and a moment of 325 nm available at 4400 rpm. The car has quite good dynamics. A thrust wakes up almost immediately, and a variator does its job perfectly. The only thing that seems to bother is a bit unpleasant screech of the engine at high speeds. The handling has become better compared to the past generation.


2014 Pathfinder has seven seats and provides ample opportunities for cabin transformations. All seats are equipped with an EZ FLEX SEATING system designed for attaching child seats. Placing them in the second row doesn’t impede access to the back row.

Climate Control System

The car has got a decent dual climate control system. The controls are located below the stereo system – a set of buttons that are convenient to reach and use.

Infotainment System

You immediately notice the central display that shows a distribution of energy flows between the internal combustion engine, electric motor, and a lithium-ion battery. A dashboard houses a 4-inch monitor in the center with custom settings. Everything is functionally and conveniently designed, and devices aren’t light up even in bright sunshine.

A multimedia system display is surrounded by two vertical deflectors, and there are a control joystick and a whole scattering of buttons below it. A bit lower, you’ll find blocks of musical and climatic installations.

Speaking about the highlights, we should mention an intelligent key, which opens a car and starts the engine as you come 80cm or closer. Another great thing is the hands-free Bluetooth system that doesn’t require any additional consoles or wiring and is compatible with a wide range of smartphones. 

Storage and Space

There is enough space for luggage – a trunk in this Pathfinder might be the largest in the class. Even with the third row of seats spread out, its size amounts to 453 liters. If you fold both of the back rows, you get 2260 liters.


Despite its impressive size, Nissan looks naturally and harmonically in the city, and that’s exactly how a driver and passengers feel inside. Whether you are stuck in a traffic jam or have to deal with poor road conditions, you won’t feel much difference as a passenger.

Exterior of the Nissan Pathfinder

Seat comfort

A person of any complexion can feel comfortable in a driver’s seat thanks to a massive armchair with electric drives and an adjustable steering wheel. The second row is spacious – tall passengers don’t need to worry about the free space, especially since there is an adjustment in the longitudinal direction. The third row is not bad either. However, if you want to place a tall man there, you’ll need to slightly move the seats of the second row. 

Ride comfort

2014 Pathfinder has a low center of gravity so it stands well on the road. Pits and potholes cannot knock the car off course. You won’t hear any extraneous sounds in the cabin, neither will you feel shaking. The variator does its job perfectly – the moment of changing gear ratios of a transmission can be tracked only by the tachometer needle. 

The Pathfinder is rather a family car, and its owners aren’t likely to conquer the swamps and rough terrains. The vehicle is perfect for metropolis and highways though. Still, an advanced ALL MODE 4 × 4 II instantly responds to changing road conditions, invisibly to the driver and passengers, preventing the development of emergencies and increasing cross-country ability. You can be sure that the four-wheel-drive will turn on automatically as soon as necessary. 


The recent Pathfinder model has the interior designed in the style traditional for premium cars: leather seats that come in the basic trim, a combination of dark and light colors, plastic inserts imitating metal and wood. Everything looks expensive and fresh, only the plastic on the front panel is a bit rough. 

Safety & Reliability

The car is equipped with a Start/Stop system, which shuts off the gasoline engine at the traffic lights and starts it when you press the gas pedal. It is also effective at cruising speeds, turning off the engine when there is no need for additional power.

The car is equipped with front and side airbags for a driver and passenger in the front, airbag curtains, active head restraints, and three-point seat belts for passengers in the back. It has also got ABS, EBD, power traction TCS, EPS, assistance during the descent and start, and an amplifier for emergency braking.

Should I Buy the Nissan Pathfinder?

Nissan Pathfinder 2014 is a spacious and comfortable family-friendly crossover that ensures serious passenger protection. It is well adapted to Nigerian realities, although you shouldn’t expect off-road exploits. A fashionable appearance, an elegant interior, and a rich electronic equipment a previous generation car lacked make this one worth buying.

How Much Does the Nissan Pathfinder Cost?

As you can guess, it isn’t a budget model. An average price for 2014 Pathfinder is N5,000,000 to N6,500,000, and sometimes it can reach N11,000,000! If you are not ready for such investment, think about an older model. Prices for those start from N390,000.